Friday, 2 March 2007

Blog-A-Job Week

Is it me or are more and more job blogs springing up?

To coincide with the release of our book, Digital Marketing for Dummies, myself and my co-author Ben, who also blogs here are launching the UK's first-ever Blog A Job Week.

The idea is to get more people blogging and more specifically, more people blogging about what they do for their day-jobs.

I've read countless blogs by paramedics, policemen, air hostesses and doctors but where are the dustmen, pilots and landscape gardeners?

Blogging can make you an unlikly celebrity and it's also a good way of blowing off steam though make sure you write under a pseudonym! We're doing a radio tour early next week to get people blogging and we'll be charting the campaign's progress so watch this space.

Our top five favourite Job Blogs are (in no particular order):-

1- Policeman
2- Paramedic
3- Magistrate
4- Teacher
5- Traffic Warden

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Reyna said...

You write very well.